Subject: And behold! Someone else joins in on the fun!
Posted on: 2008-10-24 23:26:00 UTC

A young girl in a red dress sneaks into the party. Her wine-red dress has a flower rosette on one shoulder and small dots of...some glitter-like substance lining the hem. She wears a brown leather belt that looks a bit like a corset.
The girl also has a mask on. It is brown, with peacock and eagle feathers trimming it. She is wearing a little makeup and her black hair is actually combed for once, and done up with a barette.
"I know I look a little Sue-ish right now, but I don't have anything else in the closet right about now," she mutters to anyone who stares at her as she makes her way to the table of bleep drinks, tripping over random pumpkins.

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