Subject: Costume Party!
Posted on: 2008-10-24 07:22:00 UTC

Welcome to the PPC Board Halloween Costume Party! This will be going on the whole weekend (24-26), so I hope you enjoy.

I hope you wore your costume, because this is a masquerade. I'm not in mine yet, since otherwise it'd be obvious.


The (secondary) Board has been decorated in an impressively slapdash way. Orange and black streamers decorate the room, and pumpkins of various sizes litter the floors, waiting to be tripped over. In the center of the room is a table cluttered with bowls of candies. Next to the table is a cooler of sodas and and various bleep drinks.


When you make your introductory post in here, make sure to describe your costume. Your username can be of a canon character, and the actual 'costume', the description, can be as creative or accurate as you care to be.

This will be going on in here and in the Bravo chat as well.

Have fun!

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