Subject: An elegant woman with a mass of white hair strode in...
Posted on: 2008-10-24 23:57:00 UTC

... her nose briefly wrinkling at the papery decor. She ignored it, smoothing her hands down the fabric of her blue dress. Most of the fabric was pulled to gather at the small of her back, where it billowed out dramatically, beautifully, save that it also acted as a dry mop for the dusty floor. Noticing this, she sighed.

"Ah, well," she muttered. "Can clean it later."

Making her way to the centre table, Madame Meru stumbled over a very small pumpkin and proceeded to kick it aside with a scowl. Reaching her goal, she took up a glass of water - yes, water, for now - and looked at her companions over the rim of her thin glasses. "May I presume that we will be guessing one another's identities at the end of this... 'party'?"

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