Subject: What' opened the door.
Posted on: 2009-05-29 20:38:00 UTC

"Welcome," he said. "You're the first ones. Thanks for the... uh... what the hell, how many people dit you tell, a thousand billion? No, just kidding. Put all this here."
"That ain't goin' to be no big party, I think. I must be cursed."
"Holy shit, I'll have to make a better advertisement for mine in three weeks if I want to have more than two people. I am the cursed guy here. Oh wait... now I know why there's nobody at this party, South. I'm here."
"Krisprolls, stop that. Now."
The Trio opened the supplies and started to help themselves along with the other two Agents.
"Hope somebody else is coming, or I'm going to show a U2 live DVD. Kidding," said What.

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