Subject: Since I have nothing better to do...
Posted on: 2009-05-29 02:21:00 UTC

and my agents are bored; Party Time!


"Drat! Where is that party supposed to be again?" Eesa struggled to hold on to about five bags of party supplies and a generous jug of bleepka as she trotted beside her partner down a hallway. Sive, who held nothing except a bag of popcorn, merely rolled her eyes.

"Response Center 20736. It says it here on the paper."

"Well, where is that? Our Response Center is nowhere near, surely."

One of the bags slipped from Eesa's grasp and spilled its contents all over the floor. Sive sighed and bent down to gather up the dumped items, mainly Silly String and confetti.

Well find it eventually.


Eventually, as it turned out, happened to be two hours later. After lugging around the party stuff for this amount of time, Eesa felt like her arms were going to drop off. Luckily, this room couldnt be mistaken for any others. The sign on it clearly read: RC #20736.

Uh Could you knock on the door, Sive? My arms are kinda full.

Her partner took one look at the overburdened teenager and rapped on the door twice.

Why did you bring so much stuff? I just brought popcorn. Sive asked, rattling the bag she held slightly.

Cause I wanted to and thats why. Eesa retorted.

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