Subject: Gall grinned. "Ooh, lucky you."
Posted on: 2018-01-28 04:43:52 UTC

"That is some premium-grade Monstrous Nightmare gel, locally sourced from my boy Fellrazer here." She patted the blue, dog-sized dragon at her side, who parted his jaws in a toothy grin. "Coat something with that, and it'll burn. Hot." She turned from Ami to the other agents. "And there's more where that came from! If you're interested, come to Response Center 1110 with a reasonable offer, and we'll talk. No Zorkmids, though. Fellrazer Brand Monstrous Nightmare Gel: Get It While It's Hot!"

Her partner gave a long-suffering sigh. "Gall. Are you going to choose a gift today?" He gestured at the remaining Party Balls.

"Oh, right." The Viking went up to the pile, stared at it a moment with her lips pursed, then stuck her hand in and snagged one. She offered it to Fellrazer to sniff. He nudged it with his snout, licked it, tilted his head, and attempted to eat it.

Gall yanked it back. "Okay, good enough for me!" She shoved the dragon's snout down with one hand and opened the ball with the other. Out popped the distinctive form of a lightsaber handle. Gall's face lit with glee, and she eagerly scooped it up. "Is this what I think it is?" She toggled the control—and immediately flinched away from the bright urple beam. "Aw, no! Why would you do that?!" She held it as far away from herself as she could.

Fellrazer, too, hissed and backed away from the urple 'saber.

Derik laughed, although he was careful not to turn his good eye in Gall's direction.

(( For the record, I rolled a d20 to make it a random selection. More fun that way.

(( A little more info on Monstrous Nightmare gel: it is bright lime green, and similar in action to kerosene gel or napalm. ))

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