Subject: As silence installed, Richard snapped back to attention. "Oh, sorry, it means it's our turn, right?"
Posted on: 2018-01-23 15:52:55 UTC

"Really sorry, it's the first time we participate to this event. Marina?"

"Go for it. I'll be watching for now."

Richard went to the gift balls left, took one on the left and opened it.

"Ooh, a MLP soundtrack album," Richard said with a small smile once he had taken a look at his gift. "Is there any Equestria Girls song on it?"

Marina rolled her eyes. "Don't you already have these ones?" She just could imagine how her little sister would have reacted instead of her partner. And how... enthusiast she would have been. She had saw her receive albums like this one before.

((I present all my excuses to the other participants for dragging down this game because of my misunderstanding of the rules for picking gifts. On the plus side... we're still sort of early for Chinese New Year?

Hardric, apologizing once again.))

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