Subject: "Huh, I didn't know they could shift between forms," said Chris.
Posted on: 2018-01-15 20:04:22 UTC

"Or maybe pokéball is just shy, I dunno. Anyway, try to keep it away from your consoles; I wouldn't want to be indirectly responsible for your games getting wiped." He got up to choose his present, and then something sank in. "Wait, Whitney, did you call him 'Mr. Fitzgerald-to-be'? I didn't even know you guys were dating!"

"Congratulations to both of you!" said Ami, smiling fondly.

Chris took a deep breath and grabbed a random Party Ball. "Please don't be awful, please don't be awful, please don't be--"

The ball split in half, and a pair of gauntlets with curved blades and shotgun barrels landed in front of him.

"Aw, man, how come you guys always get all the cool toys?" said Violet.

((Uh, Violet doesn't appear on the list of participants, please fix))

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