Subject: Number 1: A mini with three or more letters added, deleted or removed.
Posted on: 2017-08-26 10:11:14 UTC

Here's the fic.

That's a fairly classic Persona badfic there: Uncanon character joins the fun and still thunder with his 'unique' Persona (like all the canon characters), hitting on canon characters, and questionnable SpaG. This one is 'original' though, because he's a cousin to Persona 1 protagonist.

I originally went to school at St.Merlin high, which was located in the city of Mikage-cho. Apperently there was a big conspiracy with an old company called sebec, and their branch president, Takahisa Kandori. Ever since then, the town had a bad reputation of being haunted by evil spirits, but its just stupid superstition.

But last January, I was told that I would be transferred to a different school and city. A city called, Iwatodi. A city that is runned by the Kirijo group... I think? I have to wonder though, why was I getting transferred to this type of place. "Sigh maybe it was a mistake, or maybe Naoya was worried about me." My cousin, Naoya Toudou is what you would call... a very worried person I would believe. But in the end he's always been there for when I needed some to talk to.

That said, the spelling of St. Hermelin is a bit... off.

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