Subject: Huinesoron's finds. (nm)
Posted on: 2017-08-24 08:47:06 UTC

And in here I will place things that don't quite qualify: is, of all things, a trans!Eowyn character replacement. I've read over the first chapter and 'Dernhelm' is definitely replaced; he says this to Faramir in the Houses of Healing: "Do not mourn [Boromir], then, for he found a glorious death, while you will be slaughtered like a dog. Envy him."

Sadly, the most recent chapter doesn't contain any evidence of Suvianness; he seems to be aiming towards a romance with Lothiriel, who's also gone pretty OOC. But I can't claim a #27 'LGBT+ Suvian' from the last month.

A near miss for #14, 'A character with a negative age':

This is a retelling of Smeagol's fall into Gollum. Here's the entirety of Chapter 3:

I suddenly heard a loud piercing scream which I only assume could be Mrs.Brandybuck. "Deagol! Deagol is dead!" She screamed

Deagol died nowhere near the Shire, so this is impossible. But, sadly for me, he did die about a hundred years after Gorhendad Oldbuck changed his family's name to Brandybuck.


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