Subject: PPC Scavenger hunt
Posted on: 2017-08-24 04:40:12 UTC

Hello everyone, and welcome to the PPC scavenger hunt! This is a new game, where boarders look for various uncommon to extremely rare things in fanfic (mostly badfic) and then get points for finding them. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.

There are 50 items to find, all of which are worth one point. To enter the game, make a reply to this post title "[your name]'s finds". When you find something, reply to that post, including the item you found in the subject, and quote the part of the fic that you found the item in and link to the fic. You can't use the exact same thing as another boarder, but using something else from the same sentence for the same item on the list.

Also, to keep the scavenger hunt safe for people verifying finds, NSFW or NSFB fics are not allowed. This is probably going to mean T-rated or below fic. To keep things interesting, any items must be found in chapters that were published at on or after 2017-07-23, and anything from any fic that has been PPC'ed is not allowed. The game will run until the end of 2017-09-24, EST (to match the timestamps on the main board).

Now that the rules are out of the way, here are the items to find, all of which I have seen in fic (although not necessarily in eligible fic) :

  1. A mini with three or more letters added, deleted, or removed
  2. An object of an impossible color
  3. A Suvian reformed within their own fic
  4. A sentence with more SPaG errors than words
  5. An author's note in the middle of the chapter
  6. A heading in the form of "[character]'s POV"
  7. A generic weapon
  8. An instance of reader bashing
  9. A pronoun problem between two characters not being shipped
  10. A nonsensical illness
  11. An instance of "Canon" misspelled as "cannon"
  12. A completely unromantic scene intended as romance
  13. A canonical creature described in a completely wrong manner
  14. A character with a negative age
  15. A piece of figurative language that makes more sense when interpreted literally
  16. A page-long paragraph ("pageagraph")
  17. An uncanonical character who would be OOC resistant or immune if canon
  18. A badfic shorter than 500 words
  19. A soap opera cough
  20. A character who checks off an excessive number of common Mary Sue traits
  21. A character who is over 99% OOC but not replaced
  22. A sentence that ends in a punctuation mark not normally used to end sentences
  23. A poorly-written poly relationship
  24. An unclosed parenthesis or similar punctuation mark
  25. An author's note not marked as such.
  26. An unintelligible acronym
  27. An LGBT+ Suvian
  28. A character who is both bashed and a Suvian's LO in the same fic
  29. A ship which is obviously a bad idea
  30. A ridiculously flimsy excuse for two characters falling in twu wuv
  31. A misuse of mathematics
  32. A sentence which does not begin with a capital letter
  33. A summary (including any tags) which implies at least three charges
  34. A series of three or more of the same punctuation mark
  35. A comma splice
  36. An unnecessary line break
  37. A correctly used semicolon
  38. Food with an impossible flavor
  39. A nonsensical object (such as "Long Table Elrond")
  40. A word misspelled as a different word
  41. A number used as a word
  42. A canonically incorrect romantic custom
  43. A completely generic setting
  44. A sentence with three or more ambiguous pronouns
  45. A character that has no reason to appear in prose (^, |, _, etc.)
  46. An unattributed line of dialogue
  47. A statement of something obvious
  48. A character with the same name as the author
  49. A summary or title with a SPaG error
  50. A good CAHQ card (Anything extra weird that doesn't fit one of the above items)

Good luck hunters!

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