Subject: Ivy.
Posted on: 2016-01-02 18:16:15 UTC

Ivy (who's not that young these days) knows anything that gets written down - but that doesn't mean she knows its significance. I don't think the following would mean anything to her, let alone revealing the inner workings of the PPC:

-Bad grammar.
-No concept of spelling.
-Throwing Dresden OOC.
-REALLY bad grammar.

She might notice anything that talked about characters she knows, and send a message to them - but by the time it got there, the mission would have ended and the whole Word World would've folded back into the main canon.

Knowing about canon material is a good point, though. That would have to be dealt with by either:

-Invoking the SEP field - this is a pretty valid use of it.
-Invoking 'characters forget the story after it's over' and just ignoring her when she's not in the story - it's not like she's going to come after you!
-Hunting her down and neuralysing her, after taking the books away.
-Not taking books into canon. There's other types of exorcism, y'know.


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