Subject: Of course
Posted on: 2016-01-02 17:36:39 UTC

Dresden Files: The Archive, a young girl (during the series) with perfect knowledge of anything ever written in her mind, plus memories of precedents Archives. Would know about PPC the very moment a charge list is written. It's the 1488th thing not allowed inside PPC, but I remembered after beginning writing. Besides, that also means instant knowledge of any DF canon material used for exorcisms, so... She can 'erase' knowledge which only remains inside this mind, but I guess PPC awareness would have slipped off.

Persona: Velvet Room, a construct room inside the Collective Uncoscious of mankind, but linked to the protagonist(s)' minds. Unique to each person, attendants included. Only constant person, Igor, personified Creepy Good serving the embodiement of the good inside mankind. These people have an inisde's vew on the protagonist(s)' mind, and know when something don't have the complete psyche needed for a Persona. And to quote them: "Nothing happens inside the Velvet Room without any reason." Would know that glitterbags inside the Room aren't up to no good, and see through SEP Fields, since it's their own pocket dimension. I think they could still be neuralized, though.

Bonus content: Personaverse's 'gods', embodiement of a one thought of mankind, like grief or desire to die. Your opinion.

Is it exhaustive enough?

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