Subject: Just the one
Posted on: 2008-08-22 19:15:00 UTC

I didn't dare look at any more. glugs bleepka

According to Wikipedia, rutting only happens in antlered members of the ungulate family (deer, sheep, antelope etc). Naruto seems to be some kind of human/cat/kyubi hybrid.

Herm!Naruto is, ugh! He's a male in canon (or Sai would have said something already) and so he should stay that way in fanfiction. Unless you're writing a genderswap AU that is. Or he's in his Sexy Jutsu form.

It says that Iruka is a school teacher, so maybe the author got suitcase and briefcase mixed up somehow. It makes an amusing mental image though.

Drowning works well for Naruto and Sasuke, as you suggested before. I don't know about the other characters though, since there's not enough of them in the first chapter to tell.

Pre-timeskip Sakura was pretty strong, if you count the fillers as canon. Before Sasuke left she ripped the mast off a boat and used it as a weapon.

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