Subject: Sakura-bashing, needless violence ...
Posted on: 2008-08-22 22:10:00 UTC

Just plain creepiness (Naruto describing his first mating in babytalk is among the most vomit-inducing things I've ever seen short of "Cloud Mows The Lawn").

Misogyny ("submissive" critters automatically equal female?)

Multiple cases of biological improbability (ass-hymens, shapeshifting, etc).

Multiple cases of rape turning to love.

Illogic (if they're as smart as humans, wouldn't it come under anti-slavery laws if you're trying to keep them as pets? If Naruto's a girl now, why are they still calling him "he" even though he's pregnant and wearing frilly dresses? This is the furry Japanese equivalent of Little Miss Mary!)

Ripping all the characters who weren't replaced OOC.

And of course, annoying PPC agents and being Marty Stus.

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