Subject: No, replied the Datura, visibly somewhat startled.
Posted on: 2022-06-14 18:22:07 UTC

I think that our entire production line and most of our personnel being destroyed is awfully convenient for you.

"Yeah," Rose replied, "that's just about what they thought about y'all too." She shrugged, as much as she could with her hands up. "Bit galaxy-brained, I know, but it's why they insisted on checkin' this place. Looks like y'all both got shpxed over by whatever happened."

And you claim not to be part of the PPC, then. The Flower certainly sounded skeptical.

Rose nodded. "Bunch of agents stormed Goldie's while me and whoever else remained were tryna figure out what's goin' on." She twitched her head to the side, indicating the pair next to her. "I'm taggin' along with their investigation so they let us run ours. Any more questions?"

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