Subject: "Yes, the League of Mary Sue Factories has attacked the PPC HQ before," said Lori.
Posted on: 2022-06-12 05:20:49 UTC

"My husband and I actually showed up a couple months after the one in 2008. Then there was another invasion on the Hetalia OFU in 2011..."

She trailed off as she looked at the charts of daily statistics, at the ominous splotches of sludge where there should once have been a Factory Sue or Defective. "Yeah, where are the Flowers running these things?" she wondered. "Maybe there's a map somewhere leading to their upper --"

The door creaked, and a voice rang in her head:

I'm going to have to ask you to come out with your hands up.

((...No solid idea who this is, though it's clearly a Flower of some sort. Feel free to play with it!))

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