Subject: Right then! Let's have a stab at the New Year's Gift Exchange RP!
Posted on: 2016-01-05 14:47:58 UTC

The Really Very Tiny Auditorium was a convenient place to hold any kind of gathering, as the thankfully-absent Notary would be quick to tell you. There was plenty of space for people to knock together a stage out of chipboard and pile up an eye-searing cavalcade of wrapping paper, some of it in Suvian colours that were doing odd things to the onlookers' collective gaze. There was also, unlike last year, an instructive and explanatory pamphlet concerning all the rules, regulations, and general guidelines of the Gift Exchange, though why they had been written in a peculiar phonetic cod-German accent remained a mystery.

Until, that is, the bell of a large brass instrument protruded from behind the slightly knackered lectern like Venus Arising From The MDF.

"Er, hallo? Is this think beink on?" Doktor Trollenfisch, a purple balloon about a foot across and covered in spikes, prodded the microphone with an outstretched fin. "Hm, I vill be testink zis accordinkly."

The resultant brass fanfare nearly deafened the crowd, as well as shake loose one of the light fittings at the back.

"Ah, it is vorking! Echt klasse! Hallo mein friends, und velcome to zer tventy-sixteen annual New Year's Gift Exchange! If you vould be so good as to look at zer tickets you vere handed on zer door by mein glamorous assistant Gabrielle, who ist no longer here on account of a FicPsych appointment, you vill be seeink ein number! If zer number you are holdink is vun, vould you please be comink up to zer stage und selecting your present!"

((A little cursory, I know, but I wanted to get it done. We're now live! =] ))

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