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Posted on: 2008-08-21 16:43:00 UTC

It's regular text. Anyway, it is legendary, but not really as offensive as most entries on that sordid list. It's more offensive for its hateful themes than for openly disgusting content. I'll write out the fair warnings for the really offensive parts in PG-rated descriptions:

1) There's a racist undertone throughout all three of them against African Americans. The basis for the plot is that David "Davey Crockett" Kintobor lost his arm in a racial riot. It generally portrays African Americans as mindless monsters compared to the Mighty Whitey of Davey. At least it's mercifully limited to backstory after The Piasa Bird.

2) More offensive are the homophobic overtones in the last few chapters of Sailor Moon: American Kitsune. Every single offensive slur directed against homosexuals that one can think of gets used as Davey kills an openly homosexual Sailor Moon villain in graphic detail. Afterwards, Davey gives a speech on the evils of homosexuality and how it ruined his live to be unfairly associated with it in high school. The Sailor Senshi than weep after it, completely agreeing with the incredibly hateful viewpoints. This chapter pretty much banished Gonterman from the online Sailor Moon community forever. Mentioning him on a Sailor Moon forum is -still- guaranteed to send the community up in arms even after 12 years. That's how offensive it was.

3) As if racism and homophobia wasn't bad enough, there's also a certain amount of sexism. His portrayal of the Sailor Senshi is as a completely incompetent pack of fawning fangirls that fight each other for a chance to claim Davey as their own (yeah, certainly no wish fulfillment going on here...).

4) And as a hat trick to all this, Gonterman also rewrote Usagi/Serena's backstory just to make her Davey's sister. By itself, it wouldn't be that bad (it's not like there's any shortage of noncanon siblings to canon characters out there), but Gonterman gave her the most truly demeaning origin possible (I won't describe it because the simple description of it probably count as NC-17 rated for making one want to bash their head against a concrete wall). As if just trying to go further, it both turns their earlier relationship into incest (actually... the implied sex scene is also really disturbing as well) but they still decide to tentatively go forward with the relationship anyway. And it's not even like Gonterman just forgot about the plot detail like he's prone to doing. No, he calls attention to it each time they indulge in flirting with each other (at least there isn't any more implied sex) and gives Usagi the attitude that Davey is just too good a catch to give up even if it turns out that they're siblings. I can't make stuff like this up even if I tried.

Actually... scratch my earlier statement about it not being so offensive. It's not safe for sanity whatsoever. What makes it extra creepy is that this is blatant wish fulfillment for Gonterman (he didn't even bother to come up with a terribly creative cipher for his self-insert), but his wishes include the gory death of homosexuals, the banishment of African Americans, and for every woman to be a fawning doormat to him. And he uses a bunch of TV shows intended for young children to facilitate this (imagine the surprise of an 11 year old girl browsing for Sailor Moon stories and happening upon this... abomination). Yeah... this stuff is definitely a shoe-in for the Legendary Badfic list.

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