Subject: I can see this being a really fascinating idea, but...
Posted on: 2008-08-24 09:42:00 UTC

I think the others are right, y'know. This year we've had the Macrovirus Invasion in March, the Mary-Sues Invasion in April running on from that, the Robecca exorcism in Narnia in July, and the spambot/Ypur Invasion a few days ago which resulted in us switching Boards.

We really don't need any more emergencies, major threats or full-out wars. The Catastrophe Theory adherents are already going to be going berserk and waving placards about Doom and the End being Near. If you want to see the other emergencies we've had, the Wiki page "PPC Emergencies" will tell you everything.

Not to mention that HQ, while back to normal business, suffered a drastic loss of agents during the first two Invasions this year and therefore probably would struggle to cope with another war.

And as a final point against carryng this idea out right now (I'm not saying "Forget it, we'll never do this", just "Hold back and wait"), a few months ago we were requested by hS to remember that the purpose of the PPC is entertainment, not continually taking down the big guns. I believe his metaphor was along the lines of "It's very satisfying taking down a Death Star, but while you're doing that there's a thousand TIE fighters on your tail".

I'd suggest taking on a few regular missions- exorcising slashwraiths from Legolas and Aragorn or killing off another twin sister of Harry Potter or something- before we have to deal with yet another problem that pulls us all off regular duty.

On the other hand, I do think this sounds like an idea with a lot of potential and I would be happy to join in with it. I am also curious as to where the Flowers would go, as their original world no longer exists.

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