Subject: Plot idea for a collaborative project
Posted on: 2008-08-24 00:26:00 UTC

I don't feel comfortable asking for any sort of free reign in writing, so I'm just throwing this idea out as an idea for a collaborative project. Not sure if something similar has been done (casual browse through the Wiki doesn't show anything).

Anyway, let's say somebody (was thinking a rogue agent, but it can be whatever) shows up with a hijacked TARDIS (with the original owner left bound but otherwise unharmed in some easily located area, all the tracking machinery on it disabled, and the computer wired to intercept all mission communications) and starts interfering with the other agents' missions with the intent to capture (as opposed to kill) as many Mary Sues as possible (including the subversion of at least one factory). The idea behind kidnapping all of them (which is told to the organization in an attempt to get some cooperation) is for research into a potential but controversial solution to purify and seal off the entire multiverse from external tampering.

The solution in question is based around stolen Genesis technology from the Star Trek universe, with the projected end result being the "Retbomb". The Retbomb (which would be featured in a small scale test on a particularly contaminated but largely uncared about universe... probably Manos: The Hands of Fate or something) works by resetting every universe back to their original starting points before external tampering, but has the disagreeable side effect of also diverting all the PPC agents, equipment, and such back to their original canon universes (if not outright erasing them if they have no particular source) and erasing all memories of having traveled outside of their home universes. Obviously, this would not mesh well with the survival instincts of the PPC and would also have too many potentially negative side effects to be something they'd approve of and would result in a three way war between the PPC, League of Mary Sues, and this third entity.

Any thoughts? I wanted to throw this idea out to see if anybody likes it. I have some ideas for characters and such, but I wanted to first make sure that nothing like this had been done before (I can't find anything all that similar at the moment) and also that it would be something people would like to partake in.

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