Subject: The merchant walked the cobblestones of Diskord, taking a day off.
Posted on: 2019-06-13 00:40:44 UTC

Ska'teer had been doing very well in his trade that week and was in quite the mood for a break from the tiresome bore of attempting to convince others that they wanted to purchase his goods. He was hoping to encounter somebody with whom to have a friendly conversation.

The fresh air and the bright sun filled him with energy, rejuvenating him after the relentless scramble of the merchant's life. He once again thought about his ambition. Should he really make the journey through the mountains of Purmeshun and be branded a knight? He wanted to, but would it really be worth the effort? Was he cut out to take up arms against the Marizu?

But these thoughts soon faded into idle fantasies about making the journey and returning home.

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