Subject: New Year's Eve party RP 2019
Posted on: 2018-12-30 07:09:16 UTC

One of HQ's moderately-sized empty rooms was nowhere near empty a few hours before 2019 began (in UTC on World One, because that seemed like the easiest reference point). A string of large paper numbers covered in gold glitter, spelling out "2019", had been hung from the ends of the ceiling. The far end of the room held tables piled with all sorts of party food (including something rather tasty that looked like blue spaghetti) and drinks. About half of the room contained tables of varying heights, some of which had chairs. The tables had started out with large stocks of noisemakers, paper hats, and masks, though a few of them were running low. The other half of the room didn't have much furniture so everyone could mingle. The dancefloor was near the door, shielded with sound dampening to prevent the rest of the party from being drowned in the music. Balloons hung in the air, either still tied to something or drifting.

Overall, everything seemed to be set up for a good party[1]. Some people were already in attendance, while the main group of partygoers was still filling in.

[1]: Assuming, of course, that the food and drink kept coming. Otherwise, it would be less of a party and more of a minor riot roaming the hallways looking for the promissed free refreshments.

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