Subject: Let's Play a Game: Charge the Sue
Posted on: 2018-08-03 21:28:00 UTC

This is a thread for playing Charge the Sue, a game I just made up!

To begin a game of Charge the Sue, someone must reply to this thread by saying something along the lines of "Name of hypothetical Sue, you are charged with the following:". Anyone who participates in that specific Sue's game can reply to that post by listing exactly one charge. It can be anything from "Being a Mary Sue" to something completely exotic and unlikely to be seen on any charge list. You cannot post twice in a row on the same game, but you can post in multiple games and you can post more than once in a game as long as the posts are not consecutive. Please do not consider already-added charges in your post, because we want to have some fun with this. In fact, try to make the charge lists silly, incoherent, and hilarious to your heart's content!

After a charge list has become long enough, any agent can close the thread by providing the final charge and choosing to sentence the Sue to death by any sufficiently ironic means.

Please don't specify which agent is doing the charging.

Let us begin!

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