Subject: Tom Andrews looked seriously out at the mass of agents in front of him.
Posted on: 2017-11-05 16:37:57 UTC

They all stood in a large room. On the far left, there was an assortment of masks, and a seemingly random collection of sports supplies, implements of nonlethal injury, and other, similar, items. An astounding collection of boxes, arrows, and circles have been drawn across the floor.

"All right! Agents! We've all prepared for this day. DoSAT and Medical are on standby. Get your masks ready. You know the rules. You know the stakes. You know what is about to happen."

"There will be two teams. Which team you are on will be self-selected. Names for the teams will also be self-selected. Teams will be formed after the game has started, so work quickly. Oh. And if any of the flowers ask what we're doing, make a dash for it."

"Without further ado, let the HQ Calvinball tournament... BEGIN!"

((Yes, that's right. We've got a Calvinball tournament now. You know the rules. Or you don't. It's probably not incredibly relevant. If you REALLY want to know, and you don't already, just look it up. Join in, and contribute to the madness, please.))

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