Subject: Fifth PPC HQ Hunger Games - After-Games RP
Posted on: 2017-04-24 10:08:32 UTC

Rudi's was already abuzz when Dafydd climbed up onto the stage and slapped his hand on the wall. "Hello," he called, "and to all our Tributes: thank you so very much for taking part in the Fifth Occasional PPC Hunger Games. I hope you had fun in the Arena - I know I did presenting the show.

"These Games have been an emotional rollercoaster that have had all of us in HQ glued to our seats - in some cases literally; it's that sort of place. But in the end, there could only be one winner.

"Agent Levy! On behalf of the team at Nutmeg TV, who couldn't be here for," the elf glanced across at Richard Legard, "ah, unspecified reasons, I'm delighted to present you with this year's trophy. To commemorate your victory: the Golden Electric Bookshelf!"

((This is the victory RP for the Fifth PPC Hunger Games. I don't plan on posting anything more myself, so use this thread for your agents to catch up and wind down after the battle. All are welcome, even if they weren't involved in the Games.))


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