Subject: PPC New Year's Gift Exchange 2016
Posted on: 2016-01-05 14:13:10 UTC

(First time posting on the T-Board, whoo! Anyway, since the Other Board was retired, I might as well leave this here. It's time for another exciting episode of...

[Audience:] THE 2016 PPC NEW YEAR'S GIFT EXCHANGE! cheering

The rules can be found here, and the spreadsheet with everybody's gifts and guest order are over here.

Since Doktor Trollenfisch is going to be the moderator, Scapegrace will make the introductory post to this RP, and after that, we'll all proceed in the order of the agents listed. Take it away, Doc! :D

BTW, I think we need a tag for RPs, since this Board will be used for them AFAIK...)

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