Subject: From the journals of Lady Iximaz: Day two of the siege of Borrd.
Posted on: 2016-01-03 09:49:40 UTC

The Inter'Nelerors came without warning and descended upon the land, shrieking like giant hellbeasts with the stench of death on their teeth and fire in their eyes. I remain here, holed up in my keep, with no communication with the rest of Borrd save for magical links set up by Sir Tomash and implemented by Baron Huinesoron. The eagle's shadow spreads further every day, it would seem. However, it would seem that not everyone has yet been connected by the links; many still remain unaccounted for and I fear for their safety.

It is fortunate, perhaps, that the siege happened over the winter months, where food supplies have already been stored, ready to wait out the weather until the next planting season. It is not for lack of trying that I have yet to take down any of the beasts, but the Inter'Nelerors' hides are like iron, unpierceable by any of my arrows. Times like these are when I wish I'd payed better attention to mother when she tried to educate me in the ways of magic—though what is to say magic would fare any better against their skin? For all we know, they are resistant to both blade and spell. A worrisome situation all around.

The shrieking outside grows ever louder; I have not slept properly since the siege began. The servants are no better off, I fear. Tensions are running high and I worry that one of them might soon do something foolish like attempt to leave the safety of the keep. No matter; I shall speak to all of them tomorrow and do my best to reassure them that the beasts will soon be gone. A pretty lie that I wish I myself could believe.

Until they are gone for good, all I can do is wait.

(Plort thread because this Board's being awfully quiet and could do with a bit of livening up.)

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