Subject: Testing? Bah! Normal usage!
Posted on: 2012-08-22 00:16:50 UTC

Because if normal usage breaks it then we've got a problem.

My chosen topic: inane crossovers! What are yours? What mad things do you think of that the Disentanglers might have to go after if you don't weave it properly?

Probably the strangest of my lot is a Bionicle/LotR fusion fueled by calling Matoran robotic hobbits and it being three in the morning when I thought of it. It's got the Middle-Earth setting, and hobbits, and my plan for it is to have someone who's never heard of Bionicle be able to read it and enjoy it, and it just so happens that one of the weird monsters coming out of Mordor are called Rahkshi, and the names of rather a lot of characters are recognizable... It's a shootton of crazy and high hopes and delusions of grandeur, probably, but I'm just crazy enough to try. (The stories in it would be different and familiar to anyone who's up on their Bionicle lore, that's the thing, but the Rules of the world would be completely LotR...)

Oh! And that Bionicle/Hero Factory grimdark thing, but I'm not sure that's near as straaaaange as trying to fuse two so completely disparate tales without ending up with something that would get a mission written about it.

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