Subject: I sincerely fear this might be my fault...
Posted on: 2008-08-19 10:28:00 UTC

Because of my interviews of various authors for my university essay - I included a bunch of obvious badficcers (some of whom never responded), including a Legendary Badfic author (who did respond).

It wouldn't have been hard for any one of them to google my penname and find both my livejournal (which does link to the PPC, as I archive my missions there), my FFN account, and the Board, all three of which appear in the first two pages of a google search.

I don't think I said anything offensive to anyone, but the very fact that I went out and interviewed some cough 'Highly Sensitive' authors about their work, while being part of a community that so blatently mocks it, could have offended them. (I'm not inclined to suspect the Legendary Badfic author, though, as his tone in the emails was quite satisfied, but then again, I could be wrong.)

If this is the case... guys, I am SO sorry. I considered using a second (little used) penname to send my interviews to the badficcers and other random writers (as opposed to the people who know me by this name), but figured that it would be all too easy for them to be connected (how many people do the same project at the same time?), so I didn't bother.

Until now, I didn't really think it was connected, but from what you've said above, Dann... well, the timing is just too close.

I really, really hope I'm wrong. I'm even hoping that the offended spammer (if that is indeed the case) found this through another link just so I can stop feeling guilty. It wasn't even a foolish choice on my part, but if this is the result... damm, I'm sorry.

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