Subject: Am now on the hunt for Ewoyn.
Posted on: 2008-08-21 23:26:00 UTC

Ahhhh...found Ewoyn lurking around my ancient LotR and HP fics. I'm glad I've never posted those. I might have ended up getting put on the Legendary Badfic list. Or PPC'd at least.
I don't mind taking care of Ithillien and Mara. I found him with Ewoyn, by the way, snuggling up in the corner and earning dirty looks from an old OC who is undoubtedly a Mary Sue. Like the whole magic staff with a blue crystal doesn't give it away...

looks at minis Ewoyn! Don't DO that! Now I'll need Bleeprin to get rid of the images! Come on Ewoyn, we're going to Aunty Cassie, she'll send you home...what's that? Oh...that way, huh?
looks back I think Ewoyn's in love with Ithillien...I'll send her back though...

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