Subject: Yo.
Posted on: 2008-10-29 02:15:00 UTC

Hi all, I didn't exactly get to introduce myself on the other place, well not properly anyway what with the "Does anyone except that spambot post here?" and the "No, but we've moved here temporarily" and the "Hey, you're that guy from (fill in the blank)!", heh. So, yeah, I'm Kyle. I actually joined this before years ago, but I eventually lost interest, especially since the place was all but dead at the time and technically I'd never gotten permission to do anything PPC-like.

I'll go for the making agents and getting permission some other time, since at the moment I'm dealing with some writer's block, but I just thought I'd introduce myself proper-like and show that I wasn't some random guy who popped in out of morbid curiosity about if it was dead or not. Oh, also, does anyone know how I can get in contact with the people in charge of the movie? I've been meaning to look to see if there were any open roles for voice actors left, as it seemed fairly interesting, but I kinda...lost their emails, haha. Help would be appreciated on this, thank you for your time.

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