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THIS IS THE BACKUP AND RP BOARD FOR THE PROTECTORS OF THE PLOT CONTINUUM. THE MAIN BOARD IS AT THIS LINK! Please feel free to test out the software and leave comments on it while you're here.

Welcome, fans of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum and supporters of the Canon Protection Initiative! If you've got a story to plug, an opinion to share, or a discussion you want to join in, this is the place!

If you're looking for PPC stories to read, why not start with The Original Series – the missions of the famous assassins Jay and Acacia, the very first stories in PPC history. Once you've finished them, check out the list of Killed Badfic to find a mission you like the look of, or The Complete List of PPC Fiction to look up specific agents or departments.

Before you join the fun, there are some important links you should know about. Being familiar with these will save you a lot of hassle!

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