Subject: Matthew entered the field
Posted on: 2016-05-31 23:09:15 UTC

"GA-GA-GA! GA-GA-GA! GAO! GAI! GAR! GA-GA-GA! GA-GA-GA! GAO! GAI! GAR!" Matthew was hamming his way into the fray, by manner of the theme of the Ultimate Form of Courage.

His current mech was nothing more then an armory on human-like form, though his enemies didn't know that, as the impending Dakka and Macross Missle Massacre was concealed in a bulky frame, which was moving like an American Football player into the fray, gliding across the ground via thrusters mounted on its back. It was somewhat of an imposing scene.

Anyhow, Ajax was elsewhere on the battle for now it was only him, but that would soon change... probably.

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