Subject: "World Without Suvians" Roleplay!
Posted on: 2022-05-27 17:20:15 UTC

(Moved over here to prevent the main Board from being too stressed)

So, in a world where one agent's wish that all Mary Sues would just disappear came true, a good portion of HQ's denizens of Suvian/badfic origin have all vanished. All continua with Canon Sues in them have also gone missing.

Current disappearences:

  • Continua with Canon Sues like Eragon, Twilight, etc. (Such as Diamond)
  • Characters rescued out of badfics, be it via recruiting or being placed in the Nursery. (Such as Matthew (Kittyauthor's agent) and Natalie Green)
  • Sues, reformed or not. For the sake of argument that'd be original characters from fanfics, who are mission targets or were mission targets. (A lot of agents)
  • And anyone who somehow gets Sued after the wish (such as Carlisle).

Current threads:

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